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Cellulite Massager 


Well-deserved pampering (not only) for our marvelous mamas.


 The anti-cellulite brush is mainly but not only designed for our marvelous mamas to feel confident and beautiful in their skin. It can be used on children as well with a combination of natural oils to hydrate and refresh their skin while relaxing. The numbed surface stimulates the cells by massaging away toxins and increases blood circulation, offering a toned appearance. You can find special massaging oils and different types of fat burning mixture ideas like coffee grinds, olive oil, grapefruit essential oil on our website by joining our email list. See you there :)


Trigger point massager


The three-trigger point therapy massager is designed to eliminate deep-rooted knots and trigger points for adults or kids. Recommended using on the neck, shoulders, and back areas. Also great relief for the upper and lower leg. May be applied directly onto skin or over the clothing. Suitable for use with massage oils. Lightweight, portable. Easy to clean and store.

A great part of your wellness afternoon with your kids or family

Spending quiet time together will soothe children when they are unsettled. Show them how to breathe calmly by lying on the floor and allowing their body to release all tension. Rubbing them with relaxing oils, using the 3 trigger point massager on their bodies, will help soothe them, and provide instant relief. They will laugh and feel tickled and ask for more.

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